Ang3lina quashes ‘Go Down’ remix

Ang3lina quashes ‘Go Down’ remix

UK based Ugandan singer Angela Nabuufu popularly known by her stage name Ang3lina has quashed the remix of her song Go Down saying it’s not official. While posting her wall, the Ghetto Lovers singer said she hasn’t officially done a remix for her Go Down song.

“Some gentle man called Skata came to me that we do a remix for the song but I told him that I never wanted to do a remix, he defied, went on and did a remix, I call upon my fans to ignore it because it is illegal,” Ang3lina said.

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“It’s so sad that we live in a world where people don’t value people’s hard work. I just want to publicly announce my dis-involvement in any Go down remixes. I HAVENT officially done a Remix for my song go down so I want you my fans to be the first to know. If you hear any remix with a gentle man called: Skata who did approach me for a remix a few months ago but I kindly expressed to him that I didn’t want to remix the song, Instead today has decided to upload a remix claiming that he is giving me “more exposure” . Ang3lina has no official remix for Go down so don’t be fooled by this project. Don’t get it twisted I think everyone has the right to do covers to people’s songs, but if you approach an artist for a project on their song and they kindly tell you that they don’t want the song remixed and you go ahead and still upload my work on your channel for profit gains, this is just wrong. We are definitely taking action! Have a blessed Sunday y’all. Oh and meanwhile, OH NA NA VIDEO IS COMING OUT NEXT MONTH!!  Stay blessed ghetto lovers,” Ang3lina posted.

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