Alleged Libel and defamation to the prejudice of Dott Services (U)

Alleged Libel and defamation to the prejudice of Dott Services (U)

Investigations into the above matter commenced on 28/10/2020 following a complaints from Byamugisha Gabriel & Co Advocates, acting on behalf of Dott Services U Ltd.

Gabriel complained through the IGP and his concern was that his client Dott was unjustifiably blackmailed by Magara Darius of the as well as Pidson Kakaire of Drone Media.

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The investigations has since established that the publication was so libelous, hulicanating and apparently with intentions for economic gains.

The investigators have also established a syndicate from other culprits, and most surprisingly from a government procurement entity and the investigative team is advancing closely to bust this syndicate.

Both Magara Darius and Kakaire Pidson were interrogated and released on Police bond as inquiries continue.

It is our polite reminder however, that people should publish information without any prejudice or without any intentions to injure the reputation of anybody or any company especially the ones that are in service industry. Upholding this mischievous acts, will not only be criminal,but will promote the acts of impunity.

We are committed to ensure that justice prevails. Protect and serve.

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