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Alex Muhangi, Patrick Idringi speak out on their ‘fall out’

Yes it is shocking but it has happened!! Two of the country’s best comedians and former too close allies, Alex Muhangi and Patrick Idringi Salvador have fallen out, we can confirm. Our Spy thought the comments from the two on why they have fallen out and this is what they said. We asked Muhangi what is the beef between him and Salvador and this was his reply,” Man me i don’t know. As you can me am doing my usual things but they are interfering,”.

Alex Muhangi

When we talked to Salvador, this what he said,” Why would i beef Alex really. I have been on the forefront of promoting his show at Diners. I was one of the least paid on his show because i wasn’t doing it for money so why would i beef him. I even stopped performing at Laftaz so that I would be free to perform at his show, why would i beef him, this hurts me. Let me see what he says,”.


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