Airtel Uganda, #Koikoiug Tour Kalangala and Bukasa Islands

This weekend, #KoikoiUg embarked on an expedition to the Kalangala and Bukasa Islands as part of the strategic partnership between Kafunda Kreative and Airtel Uganda to work together over the course of this year in the #KoiKoiUg adventure series.

#KoiKoiUg is an initiative by Kafunda Kreative that seeks to tell authentic Ugandan stories by highlighting affordable, off-the-path local adventures that can be experienced in different areas of the country.

Kalangala island, the starting point of the trip, is located on the North Eastern side of Lake Victoria, Africa‘s largest fresh water lake. It buzzes with activity from the solar farm, factories and trade centers and yet still maintains its calm serenity.

Airtel Uganda Managing Director, Anwar Soussa addressing the media during the launch of 1-6-1 service code


Bukasa, the second stop of the #KoikoiUg trip, on the other hand maintains a naturally lush environment with a thick forest and the visually appealing Nanziri falls which promise a highly memorable end to the trek in its plunge pool. Bukasa is also a highly spiritual place with islanders flocking the falls to pray for blessings and luck.

Commenting about the partnership, the Airtel Uganda Finance Director, Phanindra Nichanametla congratulated Kafunda Kreative upon this initiative that uplifts local and international tourism and gives Ugandans an opportunity to move around the country appreciating its sights and sounds.

“As the Smartphone network, we aim to reach out to every Ugandan and provide them with quality service and an excellent overall experience. Partnering with #Koikoi was the best way we could achieve this seeing as our partnership goes beyond Kampala to the countryside,“ she stated.

Earlier this year, Airtel Uganda signed a partnership with Kafunda Kreative in a bid to reaffirm the excellence of their network in all different regions of the country. As part of the partnership, Airtel would provide data, Airtel merchandise as well as simcards to travellers who would want to switch and enjoy the smartphone network as they travel.

Additionally, the partnership will see #KoikoiUg and Airtel Uganda take on 10 expeditions between 2016 and 2017. Each of the trips will be an exciting visual adventure of curating stories on culture, community, sights, sounds and food.  These stories will be shared with the world via social media, blogs, news articles and on

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