Airtel Uganda Introduces VoLTE, a Service That Delivers Excellent Call Quality for Customers

Airtel Uganda Introduces VoLTE, a Service That Delivers Excellent Call Quality for Customers

Kampala: Airtel Uganda, a leading provider of telecommunications and platforms for imagination, has introduced VoLTE (Voice over LTE) on its 5G-Ready Network. With the launch of VoLTE, all Airtel customers, with compatible devices, can make clear calls on the 4G network because the call traffic is carried on the LTE network infrastructure.

VoLTE automatically enables High Definition for a clearer voice call experience with the same call rate as normal calls.

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“We continue to challenge ourselves, Innovate and give more Ugandans reasons to Imagine. VoLTE is an innovation that will allow our customers to make and receive high quality voice calls without any disruption to their 4G (LTE) browsing experiences,” said Airtel Uganda Managing Director, manoj murali.

Users can experience this technology once they have a VoLTE enabled handset and a 4G Sim Card. The user needs to update their mobile device operating system (OS) to enable VoLTE.
Once your device is VoLTE enabled you will experience:
HD Voice Calls: crystal clear conversations as if you are right next to each other!
Efficient Multi-tasking: do more at the same time! – hold simultaneous voice and data session
Improved call setup.

Airtel continues to lead the market in the introduction of innovation in the Uganda telecommunications industry. Previous firsts include; eSIM that allows customers to carry up to 10 embedded (e)SIMs in one phone, 5G readiness that awaits spectrum allocation, and the SmartPole that allows distribution of good network coverage is build-up areas in the city.

This latest innovation by Airtel Uganda follows the successful announcement of the Brand’s new theme, A Reason to Imagine that is aimed at giving our customers an opportunity to do more through harnessing their potential by delivering relevant solutions that enhance their communication using our voice, data, and other services offered.

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