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Africell rolls out ‘Don’t be cheated’ campaign

Giving customers their rightful value for money is crucial. In the telecom business, the fight on who has the best products, network and tariff plans rages and Africell is leading by giving their customers the value they deserve.

It is the reason they are unveiling the ‘Don’t be cheated’- campaign, to cement their position as cheapest telecom services provider. The brand ambassadors for the #DontBeCheated campaign are top artistes Sheebah Karungi, Ziza Bafana and Bebe Cool

Africell believes they offer more value to their subscribers better than any other provider, the reason for the campaign, #DontBeCheated.

Commercial Director Milad Khairalla gives the final remarks

As part of this campaign, Africell has rolled out a social bundle package called ‘SWIFT Bundle’, the first of its kind on the Ugandan market.

SWIFT is an acronym indicating all five key social media platforms that is – SnapChat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

And, Africell has set the price for the SWIFT Bundle for as low as 200/- per day – the cheapest Social Media Bundle on the Uganda market. This is six times more data than what the others are offering.

The Africell Commercial Director, Milad Khairallah says this product is tailored specifically for the young people. “We realized that young people are our biggest data customers, so as a reward to them, we moved to make the Social Bundle as cheap and as exciting as possible,” Khairallah said.

“But again, social media is increasingly becoming a tool of communication across all ages; so as Africell, this is our offer to ease communication and facilitate business in the Ugandan economy,” he added.

The #DONTBECHEATED campaign which has a better offering to include Snapchat and Instagram has been hailed as revolutionary taking the pacesetter position on the data offering in the country.

The ‘Don’t be Cheated’ campaign will spread over to all three major products – Mobile Money, voice calls and data.

Africell’s target will be to give their customers the best product deals at the cheapest price on the market.

“At all times, we remain the cheapest network. Whether it’s for data, voice calls or Mobile money. That’s our promise to our customers,” Khairallah noted.

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