Adelle Onyango among the key speakers at International Podcast Day celebrations

Adelle Onyango among the key speakers at International Podcast Day celebrations

Nairobi, Kenya; Social activist Adelle Onyango is excited to be giving a presentation at a 24-hour live stream celebrating International podcast day on September 30.

She will give her presentation at 7am EAT via

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Adele revealed that her presentation will focus on “my experience in leaving traditional radio for podcasting.”

Adding, “I will also be looking at how podcasting has given Kenyans agency over their stories. I have also prepared a video that showcases some Kenyan podcasters as well as developments that will position Kenyan podcasters on a continental stage.”

Talking about what this opportunity means for her journey as a podcaster, Adelle said,  “It is so validating that a year and a half into podcasting, my podcast has grown to the point of being recognized globally. It makes all the hard work, so valid. Since I launched my podcast I have put out an episode every week that has added more voices to the African narrative, the podcast has a large audience in Kenya and I also do get a lot of feedback from USA, UK, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania. This is growth that I truly appreciate and I am very proud of.”

Adelle who has made her name with her Legally Clueless podcast said that the new digital space is providing new avenues for expression.

“Podcasting in Kenya has grown substantially and the growth is so interesting to watch. To see various Kenyans create podcasts addressing issues & topics that perhaps traditional radio cannot due to format and censorship,” she said, “Especially this year we’ve seen an increased thirst for content that is relatable and fresh. It’s radio on demand and there’s only more growth to come.”

Adelle has been recording and airing her series dubbed  #100AfricanStories. Speaking about it she said, “I have officially recorded 100 stories so far. The stories have been physically recorded in Nairobi, Juja, Meru, Voi, Addis Ababa, Joburg, Accra, New York, Chicago, Dakar, Sharm El Sheikh. I also launched the Legally Clueless hotline for people to send in their stories and through that, I have recorded stories from audience members across the world. The stories are insightful and have really connected Africans in a magical way.”

She further adds,  “Been able to connect to Africans, share my vulnerabilities and make a living off of something I have created, grown and conceptualized has been paramount for me. I also find happiness in being a trailblazer in the space by my podcast getting syndicated, going on tour and more. I’m excited about what I am going to achieve through this podcast.”

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