Tomoca Coffee opens its doors at Two Rivers Mall

Tomoca Coffee opens its doors at Two Rivers Mall

Nairobi, Kenya; Tomoca Coffee Kenya Ltd officially opened its doors to the Kenyan market last Friday at an intimate event held at the Two Rivers, Nairobi. 

“Kenya has a very young and dynamic population with good purchasing power, which demands high-quality products and services that are on par with international standards. The retail industry is also supported by low overhead fees, mainly through low rental fees and attractive incentives by property landlords.”-says Amir Yusuf, Tomoca Coffee Kenya Limited, MD.

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Tomoca Coffee is famed for authentic coffee experience and it prides itself in the art of marrying Ethiopian Coffee with the Italian technique. Some of their drinks include the Macchiato, Sprice and Cravato Coffee.

Tomoca coffee prides itself on being a pioneer for change and disrupting the status quo based on the origin of coffee and the ripple effect it had from domestic use to commercialization.

Tomoca plans to create beverage blends with Kenyan, Rwandese, and Ethiopian coffee. If you are in the store early enough, you get to watch the master roaster freshly roast and package coffee beans and smell the coffee.

Present at the event was Ethiopian High Commissioner – Meles Alem, Businessman Chris Kirubi, Capital Group – Group Commercial Director – Farida Idris, Media Personalities Betty Kyalo, Pinky Ghelani, Events Organisers – Chris and Cate Kirwa, among others.

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