Zoom Group Investments boss arrested on gay allegations

Zoom Group Investments boss arrested on gay allegations

The owner of Zoom Group Investments Company in Kampala Uganda, Farouk Kaweesi, has been arrested on allegations of being a gay, we can reveal. Kaweesi was arrested a few days ago as he tried to flee the country for fear of his life after it was discovered that he is gay.

Farouk who has been putting up in Bukoto, was handcuffed by the authority and was questioned over the matter.

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Farouk Kaweesi

When the chairman LC I heard of the rumours, he couldn’t confirm and the only he wanted to do it was to summon Farouk for questioning. When the summoning news reached Farouk, he feared for the arrest and tried to flee Uganda.

Security agencies were alerted of his behavior and his luck ran out when he was arrested before he could cross the borders.

This whole rumour started when the girl he was dating saw him with another dark skinned guy at Cayenne bar and restaurant in Bukoto in a compromising situation on one Saturday night. She couldn’t believe what she saw because on that night he had lied to her that he was out of town till Monday.

“He is so friendly with ladies to confuse people but the fact is that he has no business with ladies but hiding in them to confuse the public about his feelings for his fellow men. We are yet to find out the names and identity of his boyfriend, but our sources have it that same night after the Bar he didn’t come back with others but slept at a friend’s house,” She said.

Farouk was later released on Police bond pending investigations but other sources have revealed to us that in 2016 he was ask to leave Bukeya Zone in Ntinda were he was staying over the same issue.

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