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Ziki App for free Ugandan Music launched

For the first time in the history of Uganda, music fans can now play and listen to any local song of their choice – any time on any device: mobile, tablet or computer; without running out of space.

Ziki App, a new product by Chimp Media, allows you play all Ugandan music at a free cost without downloading songs on your device.

“You don’t have to delete your favourite photos, videos and apps to make more space on your smartphones every week to accommodate songs,” says Brian Kwesiga, the head of IT and Innovation desk of the new application.

“All you need is the Ziki App on your internet-connected Android Smartphone (IPhone app coming soon).  You can create your own playlists and save songs to play offline (without internet),” he emphasised.

The game changing app comes at a time Ugandans are struggling to access songs of their favorite artistes.

In most cases, they have to delete their photos and videos to download music. But this has come to an end. Kwesiga says the app allows you search for any track, artist or album and listen for free.

“It gives you an extraordinary opportunity to make and share playlists. It allows users to build great music collections,” he emphasised.

With Ziki App, a user can play any artist, album, or playlist in shuffle mode and be assured of greater sound quality.

Kwesiga said Ziki App is as “light as a feather” on the devices and remains user-friendly, giving music fans a special and rich experience in enjoying music.

For ceremonies (birthdays, introduction functions, house parties), all you need is a playlist of your preferred music. For travelers and those feeling homesick, Ziki App will give you a beautiful experience.

Still one can visit to listen to their favourite songs on their phones or computer desktops.

Follow this link and download the android version of the app. Enjoy unlimited UG FREE music with #Ziki

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