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Zari Hassan’s hottest bikini pictures in years unveiled

In the wake of her separation with Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz, here at www.showvbizuganda.com we bring you some of the hottest bikini pictures of our lovely socialite Zari Hassan.

The mother of 5 has never looked in a funny way when donning bikinis.

I’m convinced that Zari Hassan is some kind of superhero. She’s a mother, an entertainer, a fashionista, and almost 40-years-old. Somehow she’s still hotter than a cast iron stove that’s been left on all night. There are not many women on this planet that possess the power to make sweatpants and high heels look good together.

How is it possible to not fall in love with someone who looks like the woman that’s been missing from your life for the longest time.

Maybe if I’m lucky one year Zari will save me. Save me from settling for some woman who will inevitably let herself go as she grows older. Zari is showing us that age is only a number. Being attractive doesn’t stop unless you give up. And true heroes never quit.

I’ve recently bought a gallon of pomade and still own my tuxedo from prom. Tonight I shall hit the town dressed to the nines looking for a middle-aged lady that closely resembles Zari and ask her to be mine. Thank you Zari for being our hero and inspiring us in our time of need.

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