Zari, Diamond In All White Ciroc Party Deal

We can exclusively reveal that loaded socialite and entrepreneur Zari Hassan has cracked up a deal with Tanzanian singer Diamond for her forth coming All White Ciroc Party.Diamond and Zari are set to work together on several upcoming projects Diamond and Zari are set to work together on several upcoming projects

In the deal, Diamond will attend the 18th of December 2014 event at Guvnor, Uganda. Sources close to Zari say the details of deal will be unveiled to the public soon.


Zari and Diamond reached a deal after she went to Tanzania to feature in one of his music videos. The two also worked on new music together and after the music deal, they talked about the ‘All White Ciroc Party’ and the rest is history.


“We need everyone to look forward to the party because of Diamond. We need to be on top of our game and show that we have the strength to bring the house at Guvnor down seriously,” Zari said.



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