Ykee Benda thrills fans at the UG Maverick Fiesta

Ykee Benda thrills fans at the UG Maverick Fiesta

The Uganda Waragi Maverick cocktail fiesta returned on Saturday at the Sunrise beach, Bunga with exciting moments like VR video gaming, self-made cocktail recipes, photo booths, a best dressed competition, a hidden treasure hunt and DJ tutorial experiences.

Music lovers witnessed a thrilling performance from the Music darling Ykee Benda at the Uganda waragi Maverick cocktail fiesta. The Floral and funky themed event attracted at Kampala party animals despite the many events that were in town over the weekend.

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Free cocktails were served by Uganda Waragi as DJs LL, Chapati and MC Timothy code kept the crowd on their feet dancing to the most appreciated music in town.

Ykee Benda who was the main performer of the night stepped on stage at 9 O’clock amidst ululations and screaming of applause from his fans in the audience.

He performed all his hit songs such as Maradona, kyenkyebula, farmer, Byonkala and singa which entertained the audience during the event. The fans had a fair share of the night as the Maradona star took selfies and danced with them during and after his performance.

The celebrations continued up to illusion bar at acacia mall where the after party had been organized.

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