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Women of Steel Foundation to enhance women empowerment as well as children welfare

Kim K Nash real name Kemigyisha Sheilah Maureen is one woman who has put all her efforts to helping fellow ladies thrive.

The Human Resource Consultant and humanitarian decided to start a charity organization called ‘Women Of Steel Foundation (WOSF).

WOSF Chief; Sheilah Kemigyisha Maureen

She says “Nothing enhances prosperity & Development like women empowerment.

The charity is not only targeting women but also their offsprings.

“Children are off springs from Women and still face various challenges, which impede on their potential to succeed, from abuse, physical and sexual violence, exploitation, child marriage, various forms of discrimination and inequality, at WOSF we have a future plan for these innocent souls to secure them a bright future,” Kemigyisha said.

WOSF also helps children as part of their activities

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