Why NBS television ‘Owakabi’ grand finale at Resort Beach Entebbe flopped?

Why NBS television ‘Owakabi’ grand finale at Resort Beach Entebbe flopped?

By Dixon Bond Okello

Despite the millions spent on advertising, marketing, promotions and organiSing the event, the NBS television Owakabi grand finale was a massive flop as only 523 revellers bought tickets.

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The rest came in with complimentary tickets. This has gone down in history as the biggest flop ever at Resort beach Entebbe.

NBS Television was official broadcaster of Pope's visit

NBS Television was official broadcaster of Pope’s visit

Some NBS TV staff were blaming the Pope’s visit for this but i strongly believe their ‘Owakabi’ tours in and around Kampala prior to the Grand finale didn’t appeal much to the public.

The Mcs and NBS staff seem to over praise themselves rather than giving back to the society through rewarding and entertaining revellers. I also think artistes in Uganda have over exposed themselves and the “wow” factor is no longer there.

Musicians are supposed to be “stars” and you don’t see stars everyday. But in Kampala the ‘stars’ are all over town, singing daily in presidential campaigns, perform in fake places for little money or just bottles of liquor and getting blind drunk and getting beaten up in pubs.

There is a ‘launch’ almost every weekend, somewhere in Kampala and I think there are too many music shows for such a small city. Now all this doesn’t make them appealing to very many people. Who wants an autograph from a musician who constantly looks hazed on weed?

In a related development, NBS television’s weekend wasn’t a bright one after it received backlash from the general public on how it handled coverage of Pope’s visit to Uganda. NBS Tv was the official broadcaster for the Pope’s visit but it disappointed on how it handled the issue. Many local stations who were supposed to get content from it decided to do it on their own.

Dixon Bond Okello

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