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Why Kampala Can’t Wait For Rumble In The Jungle

Rumble In The Jungle in Massive Come back

How about a party in the jungle. How about some good vibes? How about great music? How about 2 stages with crazy DJ’s cutting across all music genres? How about the sense of belonging to a tribe; a tribe of good vibes. How about partying under the thick canopy of trees? A setting with the theme; ‘Eat Or Be Eaten’ rated above 18.

Step aside Nyege Nyege. Some experiences, like they say, come once in a life time. And so has the Rumble In THE Jungle Rave.

The show is being organized by Twaake Events, and powered by the biggest Events Company in Uganda, the legendary Silk Events.

Slated for 21st December at Nature’s Green Resort Kaazi, Rumble In The Jungle will be a party like none Uganda has seen before.

“In the rainforest, a canopy is a dense collection of branches and leaves above the ground, where majority of the wildlife lives. At Rumble in the Jungle, The Canopy will be the main stage of the event and will feature mainstream music. The stage shelter will take an umbrella like shape and will have hangings of parrots, hibiscus flowers. To the side, there will be columns that will be painted with zebra and tiger prints. The back of the stage will have LED screen showing jungle visual,” explained the organizers.

Tickets are already online for booking, and can already be accessed on this link

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