Why DOTT Services Limited is capable of delivering successful road project in DR Congo

Why DOTT Services Limited is capable of delivering successful road project in DR Congo

Uganda’s government said it would help finance projects to surface over 223 kilometres of road inside neighbouring Congo as part of plans to boost trade between the countries.

Uganda will contribute about 20% of the project value while the rest will be met by Congo’s government in an envisaged public-private partnership, Ugandan Works and Transport Minister Gen. Katumba Wamala told Showbiz press.

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Such an arrangement is unheard of in a region where governments struggle to expand road networks within their borders. Despite its vast size and wealth of natural resources, Congo remains one of the poorest countries in the world. Eastern Congo is particularly plagued by rebel violence.

Dott Services Limited, a Conspicuous Engineering and Contracting Establishment registered and incorporated in October 1994 that is fascinatingly becoming a leading services provider in the construction industry in the East African region (Uganda, Tanzania and South Sudan) and India will execute this construction best if given the contract.

DOTT services limited celebrating their silver jubilee

They have a proven record of accomplishment and are a reputable company in Uganda and ensure that all projects are done with utmost professionalism using quality materials while offering clients the support and accessibility.

With many successful projects under their make,they are indeed one of the most trusted construction companies in Uganda.

State of the art machinery acquired recently by DOTT services limited

Since 1994 their business has remained focused on meeting the needs of their clients by building quality into every project. Whether they are building a multi-million-dollar industrial facility, bridge structure, electrical or water projects DOTT Services Limited is dedicated to providing its clients with superior results. When a client chooses DOTT Services Limited to build their project, they have partnered with a team of talented construction professionals that have the resources and knowledge required to build a quality project – safely, productively and on time.

DOTT Services Limited is focused on the safety of their workforce. This is demonstrated in everything they do, from the start of the day on the job with their Morning Action Plan (MAP) and crew stretching, to providing high quality safety education and total management support. Their culture is defined by their people taking personal responsibility for their safety and the safety of their co-workers.

Of recent, the Naguru based company has become a darling of local construction winning a number of contracts within and outside Uganda. They have managed to execute works excellently leaving no stone unturned and doubting their critics.

They recently emerged as the best ranked local road construction company under the Contractor Registration and Classification System (CRCS) carried out jointly by the Ministry of Works and Transport, in collaboration with Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA). The classification exercise was carried out by the Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC), a reputable auditing firm.

Some of their recent work include Arua Water Supply and Sanitation Project, Muduma-Mityana Road, Kafu-Masindi Road, Mirama Hills Border Post,PIBID Factory, Ishaka-Kagamba Road, Jinja-Kamuli Road, Tirinyi – Nakalama Road, Kamuli Power Project, to mention but a few. We believe DOTT services limited will execute the construction of these 223 kilometers to the best the country has ever had.

Below are some of the pictures of projects executed by Dott Services Limited in Uganda. Remember they have also executed projects in Tanzania, South Sudan, India and Zambia.

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