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Why Bryan White deserves a humanitarian award

Brian Kirumira popularly known as Bryan White has spent over a year reaching out to several Ugandans in order to change their mindset. Bryan White started his humanitarian work last year and since then, he has been fighting hard to change youths’ mindset towards work.

His recent lifesaving mission of rescuing Ugandan ladies suffering some forms of slavery following the devastating life in the Arab nation of Oman has made him a hero to many.

In November last year, Bryan White founded Bryan white foundation (BWF) with an aim of awakening the youths from poverty and a year on, his work and message have impacted on the lives of many Ugandans.

With end of year Awards looming, this is the time to give thanks to the good work being done to help Ugandans here and in the outside world.

Bryan’s efforts of esteemed personalities dedicated to the search for a better world, in which he wants to see youth have hope and equality of opportunity should be recognized and awarded.

Through his foundation, Bryan White is the first Ugandan to come out individually to preach mindset change to members of street youth gangs. The notorious youth gangs are infamous for terrorizing fellow Ugandans through stealing their property by using different means. He has preached to them on many occasions that there is life after criminal activities.

With authorities and security agencies ignoring the problems caused by these notorious groups, Bryan White has sacrificed himself to taking on the gangs and instill hope for a better life in them.

Not only has his work helped many Ugandans but also his message. His motivational speech has been of help to many Ugandans who have in the past lacked such inspiring words.

Bryan White is currently in the process of reforming criminal youth gangs by helping them to acquire technical skills and is set to camp in Arua for four months with purpose of rehabilitating criminal members who are willing to quit terror street life to start a fresh life.

He is also supporting a number of criminal gangs in Kampala who have denounced the street robbery activities and will camp in Busia and Kampala to do the same after Arua. To check more of his work, click on www.bryanwhitefoundation.org

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