Who Is Patrick Oboi Amuriat (POA), The New FDC Party President


Patrick Oboi Amuriat now dubbed POA by his increasing number of supporters and admirers was born in Soroti, in the Eastern part of Uganda to the family of Mzee John Amuriat of Kogili, Kanyum, Kumi District and Elizabeth Aciro Amuriat (deceased) hailing from the present day Omoro District.

He was raised and had his early education in Soroti and later in Lango and Makerere University. POA is a holder of Dip. Educ.(MU), Bsc. Engineering (MU) and Masters in Engineering (MU).

He prides in being a teacher, Civil Engineer, livestock farmer and progressive politician, with a great passion for Education and skilling of young people.

POA worked in a number of local and international Engineering Consulting firms and community development organizations and also had a stint in public service working with Kumi District for one year as District Engineer. He joined active competitive politics in 1994 first contesting during the CA elections.

Encouraged by the strong views of the FDC founding father Col. (Rtd) Dr. Kizza Besigye in his 1999 communiqué, POA joined Reform Agenda, actively teaming up with the campaign teams whichkept returning good results from his native Teso region. Later as MP, he was part of the Parliamentary Advocacy Forum, PAFO chaired by one of our most respected elders Hon. Augustine Ruzindana. It is during this time that he became part of the historic events that gave birth to what immediately became the most popular party, the Forum Democratic Change (FDC).

POA served as MP for 15 years from 2001-2016 during which he chaired the committees of Science and Technology; and Commission Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE) and was a kingpin member of the Committee of Works and Transport for his entire time in Parliament. He exhibited exceptional management skills. POA always distinguishing himself as an opposition member and unreservedly spoke out against repressive policies of the NRM regime. He served his party diligently and consistently made a monthly financial contribution for ten (10) years towards the purchase of our headquarters.

In 2015 POA was called to the national campaign team of the FDC flag bearer as the National Field Coordinator and is a proud player of that team which secured victory for the FDC in the February 2016 Presidential elections. It is this victory that together with other progressive members of our society that he has continued to expend energy to reclaim through full time activism.

POA believes in DEFIANCE or non-violent struggle to ensure the removal of the military led establishment in Kampala and has spent the last over one year of his time working with networks for DEFIANCE Activities across the country as authorized and deployed by the Party.

It is upon this generated momentum and realization of the current difficulties that leadership of the FDC is experiencing that has turned the party to a shadow of its former itself, that POA offers himself for the leadership of what used to be the Great FDC as PARTY PRESIDENT.

POA and his robust team intend to infuse the following measures into the FDC that would ensure a more functional and dependable Party:

Return the much revered unity and harmony to the party that has evaded us in the last 5 years.

Lead the FDC party into activism and take advantage of the strength built in the Peoples’ Government (PG) DEFIANCE campaign to RECLAIM our victory, and indeed encourage the PG to occupy their rightful space in Najjanankumbi with the ultimate objective of closely working together to cause regime change in Uganda.

Returning the party to its owners, who are the grass root members by revitalizing our existing Structures and those to be filled and formed from being underutilized laid-back organizations to fully functional and action packed living foundation units.

Engaging the party membership in EARLY preparation of party candidates at all levels of competitive politics, and in so doing eliminate the stampede caused in candidate selection and minimize attrition in the number of elected FDC leaders, that has characterized the politics of our party.

Save the party the enormous amount of money spent in calling a Delegates’ Conference for the election of the Party President alone, by cutting short my term from five to three years to enable harmonization of the elections of all office bearers to happen in the year 2020. The funds saved will be sent to the Party branches for the running of party activities, thus highlighting his focus in the running of the Party in a more decentralized manner.

Introduction of a Business arm of the party that will operate in a pre-designed manner in order to generate funding and reduce the Party’s dependency on external funding.

As a priority ensure the commencement of the development of the Headquarters site into a Modern Trade Centre while housing the party. Business programs will also be rolled out to the party branches on request and merit.

Return our Elders and Founders and those who offered distinguished service to the FDC, into decision making positions by causing an amendment to our constitution to introduce accommodating structure to cater for them.

Strengthen and ensure effective functioning of Youth and Women structures and establishing a Persons’ With Disabilities (PWG) Structures throughout the country.

POA has made sacrifices, some of which have seen him being jailed by the junta. Despite these personal challenges, he is prepared to make even more sacrifices for the sake of our struggle to free our country.

Make POA your candidate of FIRST choice as you seek for LEADERSHIP WITH ACTION.

One Uganda One People *#TEAMPOA17*


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