“When I am with Wema, I feel Like Heaven”-Diamond Platinumz Cries Out

“When I am with Wema, I feel Like Heaven”-Diamond Platinumz Cries Out

Tanzanian music crooner Diamond Platinumz has opened up about their breakup with Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan saying it’s true they aren’t seeing each other anymore.

While appearing on Radio Citizen yesterday in Kenya, The number one singer said that he was now focused on ensuring bigger sales on his new album than crying over the broken relationship.

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Wema with Diamond

The singer further emphasizes that it was only the Tanzanian actress that ever made him feel heaven on earth.

“The last time I ever shed tears because of love was when I was dating Wema Sepetu, Wema made me weep quite much. I remember there was a day I was at a gym with my manager (Babu Tale), and we were having a conversation about her. Around that time, I was constantly weeping because of her then unfair treatment towards me,” he said.

Add that when his manager asked him to let her go, the father of two couldn’t hesitate to tell him how happy he becomes around her.

“I told him “let me not lie to you, when I am with Wema I feel like I am in heaven, please understand me,” he said.

Platinumz further noted how attached he was with the 29 year actress that their breakup shock his manager.

“There was a time Wema and I separated but Bubu (manager) didn’t believe it. Wema and I had a deep connection, deep chemistry. It was so strong that I found it hard to imagine myself living without her. However it was god’s plan that both of us go separate ways,” he said.

Celebrated Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan announced on Valentine’s Day this year that her and Diamond Platnumz were partying ways after a few years of marriage. The couple have two children together.

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