What you need to know about Redirect Mall-get more from buying !

What you need to know about Redirect Mall-get more from buying !

The Black Wall Street Economic War has launched Redirect Mall to spear the economic war.

This is the bag that delivers 5 frames, half a collection of the one thousand quotes.

Unlimited Internet - Uganda

This is the bag with the information on compassionate Capitalism.

Delivery Bag Information

For decades, the world has wondered how to bridge the development divide, the income inequality, the oppressive gap between the haves and the have nots and the social disharmony that comes from poverty, unemployment and absence of business capital.
The disparity in wealth comes from the profits made by the producers so if the producers profits can be reduced to give capital for projects, we will have transformative industrialization, massive job creation with rekindled and vibrant economies.
If the producers refuse to reduce the profits, we place alternative products that will ensure that investment points are available for constant economic stimulus.

This economic philosophy of receiving investment points through regular consumer purchases is a revolution known as Compassionate Capitalism.
It is implemented on ww.redirectmall.com
Redirect Mall-get more from buying !

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