What to look out for at the Bayimba Festival this weekend

What to look out for at the Bayimba Festival this weekend

The 9th Bayimba International Festival is upon us and takes place this weekend at the National Theatre. The 3 day festival starts on Friday, 16th September and runs till Sunday. Tickets go for UGX5, 000.


The multi-disciplinary festival offers a lot more than just the music, Bayimba presents an arts festival that offers an experience with other forms of art using music as the most appreciated art to pave way for the rest.

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From music to theatre to dance to film, the festival will offer you a wide variety of entertainment to enjoy. Here are some of the reasons we think you definitely should not miss.

The Music

The music is definitely going to be a spectacle not worth missing. The lineup boasts of artists in various music genres from soul to hip hop to electronic music to our very own Ugandan Kadongo Kamu.

Akua Naru from the USA

Akua Naru from the USA

The lineup has a wide array of performers selected locally, through the region, the continent with some coming from far flung nations like Denmark and the US.


The local acts like Mathias Walukaga, Exodus, Ronald Mayinja, Willy Mukabya and Iryn Namubiru are household names.

Be keen to look out for Akua Naru (USA), Dr.Bone (South Africa), Winyo (Nairobi), Gravitti Band (Nairobi), Moroots (Uganda), Irene Namubiru (Ug), Ronald Mayinja (ug), Chris Evans and Mathias Walukaga.


Beer will be in plenty and sold at discounted prices thanks to the cash injection from Bayimba’s new sponsor, Bell Lager. Keep your eyes glued to the fridges to get the opportunity to sample the new funky Black Bell.


Your drinks choices will not only be restricted to beer. The Spirit of Uganda, Uganda Waragi also intends to set up a cocktail bar and have an exciting cocktail menu for you to choose from.


There will be a screening of the African comedy “Nothing for Mahala”. The story is based on a man faces disapproval from his father when he dreams of being a comedian. Check out the preview, it might be worth your time.


The stage has been set for some selected designers to showcase their art and skills.



Comedian Daniel Omara is also on the program to perform.


If you have not had the experience of silent disco, now is your chance. Get your dancing shoes ready. Regardless of how comical it is to see people dancing to music only they can hear.


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