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We Run This Town!!! Ladies gracing Kampala social scene unveiled

Kampala is full of beautiful ladies from all corners of the country and even beyond. These have lit the social scene with their beauty, fame and money. Today we unveil for you the ladies running Kampala social scene replacing the almost retiring Judith Heard, Zari Hassan, Tracy Bora, Karitas Karisimbi and the likes. This list is not in a particular order. Read on…
Mwajuma Ahmed aka Mwaj Ahmed 
This year has been hers especially on social scene and fashionwise.
She was recently voted best Female Fashionista of the year in Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (ASFAs).
The stunning beauty is a force to reckon with when it comes to fashion.
The likes of Judith Heard no longer have a place with the coming of Mwaj Ahmed.

Tinah Teise 
The Login Xtra presenter who calls herself Kabale Juice is another hot one lighting up Kampala.
Ever present on social events, Tinah is truly lighting up both our screens and social events.
Juliet Zawedde
She might be based in the US but this Ugandan born entrepreneur and philanthropist has been made a name in Kampala this year. She has been involved in a number of charity actives sponsoring so many needy people including family of late Ronald Sebulime.
On the social scene, she has been mentioned as the new bosslady. We are very sure that in these coming years, she will be a force to reckon with. Zawedde has come at the right time and she has money, beauty, brain and fame.
Debie Kagisha
This Fashionista a few years ago revealed that she was in for a limelight and wants to replace veteran Judith Heard.
Debie Kagisha who owns Debie Divas Fashion House in Kabalagala has caused a few fashion excitement on the social scene.
She is always seen gracing social events with her sizzling fashion sense and her nomination in Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards 2019 as best Female Fashionista of the year (Uganda) did not come by a surprise.
Mimi De Boss Chic
This year has also seen the emergence of Boston based Ugandan socialite and entrepreneur Mimi De Boss Chic.
The big spender has made her name with luxurious cruise parties and fitting her home with state of the art stuffs.
She loves spending and she has attended a number of parties hosted by Ugandans based in the US. Mimi is also planning on launching her charity arm and wants to have a name on Kampala social scene cemented. Watch the space!!

Sheilah Parker

She tries to keep a low profile but slowly getting into limelight.

Glamorous Sheilah Park can’t miss on our list of Kampala’s top socialites.
Her social media pages tell it all.
Alicia Bosschic
Having started off hosting the Kinky Tuesday at the defunct Liquid Silk Bugolobi, Alicia Bosschic has went on to become a darling of theme night hosting in Kampala.
The social scene is well aware of her kinky ways of doing things.
Alicia is making Kampala men salivate at her gigs.
Lady Shee aka Trevor Alice
We couldn’t miss out on Lady Shee because of her crazy ways of doing things. Lady Shee wants to emulate her friend Nana Weber who used to host ‘Girls In The City’ at Atmosphere Lounge before she left for US.
The two would spice up the night perfectly especially with their crazy dance moves. She now hosts ‘Boss Lady’ night at Hideout Lounge Lugogo.
Sheilah Gashumba
The Little Stunner as she calls herself doesn’t need an introduction.
She is a fashionista who also doubles as a socialite and television personality although ever since she started dating Godz Plan, her television career has declined but she is no doubt a star on the social scene.
Mona Lisah
Curvy Mona Lisah is making her name on the social scene by being a host to a number of theme nights in Kampala’s bars.
Her latest being at Exo Lounge on Fridays (Exotic Black Fridays) and Afro Club Kyaliwajjala (Liquor Tuesday) on Tuesdays.
Brenda Seruw
She rose to fame when she contested in Miss Curvy Uganda first edition.
Brenda has since turned into a socialite gracing most theme nights in Kampala and she is a regular face at Starbucks Lounge, Bunga.
Her crazy social media posts and tempting pictures are making men in Kampala salivate after her.
Sheilat Mukungi aka Quin Ov Hearts
Those who party from Starbucks Bunga know what we are talking about. Sheilat Mulungi who calls herself Quin Ov Hearts on social media is a force that redefined social scene in Kampala.
She is rocking the social scene and this year, she has been ahead of many. She hosts ‘Tipsy Tuesdays’ at Starbucks.
Jackie Rwivanga Porsche
Oh how do we describe this, beauty, money, fame and she doesn’t age.
Jackie is an inspirational to many because of her hard working ways but she has also been a name on social scene. She is the lady who books booths in Guvnor and other posh hangout around town.
She hasn’t missed out on traveling to luxurious resorts across the world including Seychelles, Huwaii, Maldives and many others.  “Life is for living.  As long as you do it right , it should be lived to the fullest,” Jackie said.
Efrance Nakitto
This commercial model is reserved but annoyingly hot and tempting.
Being an aspiring commercial model icon, Efrance has appeared on billboards of many products in town and she has truly been an great one. She at times graces social scene to check out how life is there..
Sharon Julie and Bash
These two host Girls In The City at Atmosphere Lounge Kololo.
And their rise to fame has been a blessing to many especially men. They are head turners in town at the moment.
Natasha Sinayobye
Actress, influencer, model and fashionista is one beauty who has always graced the social scene.

She hasn’t disappointed when called upon and we are sure Kampala men are yearning to be friends with this sexy star. She is inspiring many, keep up good job our dear Natasha.
Anitah Fabiola
Since her days as a contestant in Miss Uganda, she has never looked back.
She is climbing the ladder day by day and her exploits on the social scene are all over in the media. She has become an influencer!!
Joan Kimora
She has tried to maintain her fame alive on the social scene from days of Club Rouge.
Backed by her boyfriend, Din McCall, Joan is now the PRO of the new Samitto Bar & Lounge in Naalya.
Sandrah Teta
This Nyaru babe has been a regular and head turner on social scene.
She is one lady who has been hosting some theme nights in Kampala including Boss Lady at Hideout Lounge before her latest being at Luxe Lounge (Empresstee Wednesdays).
Argatha Loswash 
You can not talk about social scene without mentioning NBS Television’s Pundonor Magazine presenter Argatha Loswash. She has been a regular lady spicing up social scene.
Yes her program is essentially entertainment but she adds in some spices to mix and mingle at most social events.

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