‘We need to act on our roads otherwise we are doomed’ – Frank Gashumba

Civil and Economic activist, entrepreneur and Motivational speaker, Frank Gashumba has said the only Ugandans can stop road carnage is having well developed road system with vehicles, motorcycles and pedestrians lanes. Mr Gashumba voiced his concern on his social media in the wake of yesterday’s tragic accident that killed Doreen Tashobya, the daughter to the newly Entebbe Municipality MP Rosemary Tumusiime.

RIP; Doreen
RIP; Doreen

Below is Frank Gashumba’s statement;

“Why do Africans believe in Heaven with no scientific evidence that it really exists. Every time you have a debate on Heaven, some will say because such a book says so.

A young girl graduates early this year Doreen, very innocent, very pretty. Instead of us asking ourselves what can we do as a country to stop this madness on our narrow roads.

In Uganda there are no lanes for motor cycle riders, pedestrians, and emergency vehicles. Instead of challenging ourselves to have a functioning country when such death occurs. What we are going to post first on our Facebook  line is, (RIP) ” I know Doreen is in a better place now” and another person will post “Doreen you have fought a good fight and you have won”

Was Doreen battling Cancer?????

Which battle has Doreen fought apart from these reckless drivers and unlicensed motor cyclists killing such innocent young lady??????

As a Parent and a sign of respect for a dead person, I can’t post those terrifying pictures of her laying on the ground.

Why do people believe in Heaven they have never been and not fix the world where they live today?

Every time I think about accidents, they get me mad and terribly mad and by the way it happens every day Second on our roads.

No parent can ever expect his child to be taken away by these reckless drivers or motor cycle riders.

By the way don’t blame these drivers and boda boda riders. The entire blame goes to the Traffic Police.

If the Police wanted order on the roads of Uganda they can do it unfortunately they are spending their entire professional career on fighting the Dr.Besigye.

If you want to know what I was talking about. Go to Rwanda and see how motorists respect the law. No one can ride a motor bike in without a Helmet, both the rider and the passenger. Pregnant mothers are not allowed to sit on motorcycle in Rwanda. If laws can be implemented in other countries that means they can be implemented in Uganda too.

Frank Gashumba
Frank Gashumba

It’s in Uganda where a young boy sells his land at 11am and at 2pm he buys a motor bike the following morning the same person will be seen riding about 4 kids to school and when such kids are crashed in an accident. Ugandans will shift the blame on boda bodas and another group will say it was God’s plan. To me it’s totally false. Yes accidents happen all of the world but there are accident we can prevent.

Finally all of us must demand that Police enforces all traffic laws otherwise this business of ‘Rest in Peace” doesn’t work for me”.

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