We must awaken the youth and country from hopelessness, insists activist Bryan White

We must awaken the youth and country from hopelessness, insists activist Bryan White

The poverty eradication activist set to launch upcountry campaigns with a huge rally in Mbarara in the coming weeks

Bryan Kirumira aka Bryan White under his Bryan White Foundation has urged to Ugandans to love one another as well as their country to be able to develop it.

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Bryan White

The fight against poverty activist was addressing the media and a rally at Auto Spa Munyonyo today. He said his aim is to instill hope and love in Ugandans especially the youth through his Bryan White Foundation which is aimed at awakening the youth from poverty.

He praised those who have been there for him during difficult time which resulted from a shooting incident at his home in Munyonyo. His court case on attempted murder charges was today adjourned to next week 5th of February 2018 at Makindye Magistrate court.

He advised Ugandans to push things are beneficial for all and for the development of two country.

Bryan White is set to launch his poverty fight campaign for upcountry in Mbarara next month

“As Ugandans, let us do away with the heart of hate; let us love each other because it’s the only way we shall develop. Those saying am sick, do they go with disease detectors and who said its only huge people who have money and are able to help. Not everyone is willing to give and giving doesn’t mean they have a lot. Get the little you have and share. We are blaming government for no reasons, we don’t want to work but we are here complaining. We need to love our country and love each other. We need to have the spirit of togetherness, let us love our country and it’s when we shall be able to develop,” Bryan said.

Bryan White (right) addressing some of the youth who turned up for the empowerment meeting on Tuesday 30th January 2018 at Auto Spa, Munyonyo

He again lashed at the youth for falling to learn how to work but they instead of wake up on ‘kaveera waragi’ then after dawn they go and sleep and then you start blaming government in the morning.

“Every youth around am here for you to awaken you from poverty. Join me and we spread the love. We shall be in Mbarara at Kakyeka stadium where i will be launching country campaign with the message awakening the youth from poverty. It hasn’t been easy for me last year but that won’t change my aim to awaken youth and all Ugandans. I don’t have a lot of money but i want to instill hope in the youth to get up and work hard,” he said. The loaded activist again emphasized agriculture as the only way that would get youth out of poverty.

He challenged the media to show what they do for the community not their property, cars or private life.

“Look at what i am today or what i am doing not what i used to be because it won’t help. With our little money, we are trying to make something beneficial for the country”

Lady Mariam Tindatiine with Bryan White. She is set to headline Bryan White Foundation campaign launch in Mbarara

Bryan also revealed that on Thursday this week, he will be announcing the date for the launch of upcountry campaign of awakening the youth. The launch will take place at Kakyeka Stadium in Mbarara. Before heading to Kakyeka, Bryan together with his team will visit a number of Charity organisation like orphanages, schools and hospitals to give them a helping hand. He urged the Youth not live recklessly by engaging in sexual activities and also advised to go slow betting as its addictive and wastes a lot of time and money.

Bryan White also paid Shs 10m medical bill for the ailing Police officer at Case Clinic

During the Mbarara launch singers Jose Chameleone, Weasel, King Michael, Red Banton, Lady Mariam aka Tindatiine will provide entertainment to the guests till dawn.

Bryan said his foundation will nonstop till 2023 and then it will have a break to review its work success before resuming later on.

Socialite Bryan White handing over money to the elders at Auto spa, Munyonyo

On the same occasion, Bryan White handed over Shs 10m to cover the medical bills of an ailing police officer at Case Clinic.

Socialite Bryan White handing over money to the elders at Auto spa, Munyonyo

Meanwhile the hearing of an attempted murder case against Bryan Kirumira, popularly known as Bryan White and his bodyguard, Corporal Thomas Okot has flopped. The case was adjourned to 5th of the next month.

Bryan White addressing the media today https://www.facebook.com/100022335784358/videos/186480988773093/

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