Uganda’s Fashion And Modeling Industry Still Lacks A Lot – Lisa Mandy

Finland based former Uganda super model Lisa Mandy has said Uganda’s fashion industry still lacks a lot and something needs to be done to up lift it.Lisa Mandy has said a lot needs to be done to develop Uganda fashion industryLisa Mandy has said a lot needs to be done to develop Uganda fashion industry

Speaking to www.showbizuganda.com from Helsinki, Finland, the sexy Lisa was quick to say she hasn’t seen so much changes and development in the industry. “ They are the same people and no competition and the so called fashion designers are kids who are showcasing clothes from boutiques made from Europe, owning a boutique doesn’t make one a fashion designer”, she said.


She added I only see Sylvia Owori, Santa Anzo and Gloria Wavamunno in the industry. Judith Heard is trying her best of recent. She is trying to get there and all she needs is our support which will be key for her development in her clothing line. The socialite went to say people need to learn how to design to have much knowledge to be able to know what the industry wants. Lisa added that natural talent is good but it must be backed up by attained education to make it a complete talent, with this, one will be able to know the style that is needed. “You can’t go to Turkey, buy clothes and then you showcase them here and claim you are a fashion designer. People need to understand fashion or else we will not go further in the industry”, Lisa said.Lisa Mandy showing her dangerous curvesLisa Mandy showing her well shaped curves

On modeling, the former model said during their time they used to model for fun and they would do everything for free. I did not earn anything from it. People would be like Lisa you have nice body come and model, then I would go but nowadays things have changed.

Modeling agencies should not stop at exposing these young girls only, they should pay them and that’s how they will respect their work. “Modeling industry should to respect models and that’s when people will also respect them. Like musicians and DJs used not to be respected in Uganda back then but these days, they are the most respected people and get paid or earn a lot of money,” she said.

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