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By Dixon Bond Okello American artiste Ne-Yo last Friday proved to all Ugandan artistes, that they are still Amateurs when it comes to live performances.

His concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval will go down in history as one of the best ever seen in Uganda. Ne-Yo can sing and is a good dancer unlike most Ugandan artistes who are stiff and dance like “scarecrows.”

Our local artistes still have along way to go. As matter of fact, Ne-Yo’s production crew only praised the performance of Sheebah Karungi of all local artistes that performed. She indeed made use of the whole stage with her sexy dance moves.

Ne-Yo performing on Friday at Lugogo Cricket Oval

Ne-Yo performing on Friday at Lugogo Cricket Oval

We keep going on and on about having the biggest and most active music industry in East Africa. While this may be true, there is something our performers are yet to master, which in comparison to other developed music industries is highly frowned upon.

Ugandans don’t get the real value of music from the artistes they love too much. Live performance is supposed to be the performance of a song to a live audience on a stage at a concert/show/-ceremony where a singer sings a song to a live band playing instrumentals and back up singers as the case may be.

Live performance is not playing the recorded version of the artiste song while the singer sings to it as his original song is played in the background. This is Lip-Synchronization.¬ You’re mouthing words to an already recorded song without a live band playing instrumentals as your voice takes the lead.

I’m very sure you all would agree with me that our Ugandan artistes, only lip-sync their songs and earn huge amounts of money for the shows while we stand and listen to them giving us half-baked performances. America¬n artistes, are known to practice with their bands for tours and the lead singer sings the song as if its a new song.

Do we remember the Obama Second Term inauguration, where the Popular Music goddess Beyonce was criticised for lip-syncing her performance. The 3-minute performance was expected to be given the best as she was expected to be best prepared for it.

So who do I blame? I don’t blame the artistes, I blame the organizers and the fans. If Organizers can insist that these artistes put up a good performance or get sued, if fans can boo them and “throw” things at them whenever they come to lip sync instead of screaming and hailing them, maybe they can learn to work hard and really earn the huge amount they are paid.

In Conclusion, Ugandan Musicians must learn the culture of Live Performance, they should practice with their bands and give the audience mind-blowing performances and stop mouthing to their songs. I believe a lot of YouTube videos of foreign artiste are available at their disposal to help them learn just in case they don’t know how. I hope they get this message because it is related to them and we should expect a change from them. Thank you.

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