Uganda Water & Juice Manufacturers Association Visit Plastic Recycling Industries (PRI) – Vow To Amplify Plastic Recycling In Uganda

Uganda Water & Juice Manufacturers Association Visit Plastic Recycling Industries (PRI) – Vow To Amplify Plastic Recycling In Uganda

The Uganda Water & Juice Manufacturers Association (UWJMA) today committed to ramp up the collection of plastics from the environment to limit environmental degradation

The UWJMA is a National Association of producers of bottled juice and water, and currently has 18 members 

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Coca-Cola Beverages Africa Uganda has today hosted the Uganda Water & Juice Manufacturer`s Association members at Plastic Recycling Industries Nakawa, where they recycle plastic waste.

Speaking on behalf of CCBA Uganda, Mr. Simon Kaheru, the Director Public Affairs and Communications said “As CCBA, we are committed to environmental stewardship. As a responsible Company, we focus on constantly reducing the impact of our packaging on the environment through the light weighting of our packaging material and supporting recycling efforts. In Uganda, we were the first Company to construct PET collection centers across the entire Country when we first launched plastic packaging in 2010. Right now, our recycling plant here in Nakawa collects between 7- 10 tonnes of plastic every day, ridding the environment over 300 tonnes of plastic per month”.

Through our processes, we are able to create employment for over 1500 Ugandans especially the urban poor. It is important to note that 80% of these collectors are women who at least earn about $17 per week. The CCBA recycling factory – Plastic Recycling Industries located in Nakawa is a demonstration of the company’s long term commitment to environmental sustainability in Uganda.

To date we collect 33% of the plastic we produce as CCBA which is about 40% of all soft drinks bottled in plastic in Uganda.

Morgan Bonna, the secretary of the Association, echoed the need for all bottlers to come together and collectively tackle the issues of environmental degradation. The Association as a collective body of manufacturers of bottled water and juice, should take a note of the efforts of its member and push the recycling agenda in Uganda.

On his part, the Chairman of the Association Mr. Tony Ghadoke, thanked PRI, a Subsidiary of Coca-Cola Beverages Africa for the great work it’s doing in not only collecting solid waste but also enhancing the livelihood of both the youth and women. He pledged the Association`s support in the fight against Plastic waste that is choking the Environment.

The Association has committed to chart a way forward and implement the agreed action points immediately.

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