Uganda National Lottery announces UGX 10,063,100 daily Lotto Jackpot winner

Uganda National Lottery announces UGX 10,063,100 daily Lotto Jackpot winner

The Uganda National Lottery is thrilled to announce yet another Daily LOTTO JACKPOT winner!

Ms. Amina Atako, a 45-year-old single mother of six from Muni village, Arua District, took home a life-changing UGX 10,063,100 in the draw on Friday, June 14th, 2024.

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Amina, a market vendor, discovered the DAILY LOTTO through a television advertisement. With a simple wager of UGX 1,800, she never expected such a windfall. After taking her daughter to football trials in Bombo, Kampala, Amina casually stopped by the agent shop where she first played and had her ticket validated. This is where she learned of her incredible win.

Having played for the first time with Quick Pick (a random selection of numbers) at an authorized agent in Bukoto, Amina initially shared the news only with her daughter.
“I felt both joy and shock,” Amina expressed upon realizing her newfound fortune. She plans to use her winnings wisely, focusing on a long-held dream: starting a goat rearing farm in her home village, located in the West Nile Region – one of Uganda’s poorest areas and home to over 1 million refugees.

“ITHUBA Uganda extends its heartfelt congratulations to Ms. Amina Atako,” said Stephen Muneza, ITHUBA Uganda’s Public Relations Officer. “The DAILY LOTTO, with its exciting daily draws, is capturing the hearts of Ugandans. We have no doubt these winnings will significantly transform Amina’s life.
“Players must be 18 and above.

For further information and to participate in the UGANDA NATIONAL LOTTERY games, visit our official website or contact our Player Help line on 0800 334433.

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