Uganda International Business and Investment Summit to take place in Kampala

Uganda International Business and Investment Summit to take place in Kampala

African CEO Magazine, a New York City-based pan-African media and events production company, is collaborating with the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) to host the Uganda International Business and Investment Summit from 23-25 May in Kampala.

In recent years, particularly since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, several emerging issues have posed severe challenges to Ugandan businesses and the business finance ecosystem. Overcoming these challenges by providing new opportunities for businesses is fundamental to expanding and positioning Ugandan companies, impact investors and policymakers for future progress and growth that leaves no one behind.

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The Summit aims to help Ugandan businesses and impact investors to access regional and international markets, mobilize diverse financial resources, benefit from regional and international networks, and increase their ability to scale up. Moreover, the Summit will act as a platform for national and international leaders from the finance ecosystem, public and private sectors to advocate inclusive policies and strategies required to support Ugandan businesses and investors.

According to Lydia Thomas, Executive Director of the African CEO Media Corporation and the Event Coordinator, “the Summit aims to enhance partnerships and expand opportunities and new investments across Uganda and the East Africa region by engaging private sector investors and connecting them with policymakers and other stakeholders to foster investor-friendly policies and conducive business climate.”

The Summit will bring together some 500 targeted participants, including entrepreneurs, investors, development finance institutions, financial service providers, corporate sector leaders and bankers, business influencers, SMEs, political leaders, economists, journalists, international organisations, UN agencies, NGOs, and donors, to discuss regional and international business opportunities for Ugandan businesses and the private sector finance ecosystem across main sessions and side events.

“Inspiring Ugandan entrepreneurs with Africa regional, global business models, and success stories is one of key expected outcome of the summit,” says Caroline Jackson, Executive Vice President of the African CEO Media Corporation.

“Providing networking and clustering opportunities and fostering strategic alliances; delivering targeted capacity building to investors, business enablers and companies; engaging Uganda stakeholders in developing improved business policy frameworks that promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth and build resilient infrastructures to nurture Ugandan businesses and return on investments for investors, are among our expected outcome,” says Caroline.

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