UG Pineapple Jazzes up Mbale Comedy Show


Fresh from the shouldering the heavy responsibility of delivering a historical ruling on the Amendment of the Constitution on Presidential Age Limit and Parliamentary term limits coupled with the heavy deployment of police and military detail, the people of Mbale were yearning for positive destruction to wake them up and  spring them back to life.

What better way to do that than some comic relief. Last weekend, Uganda Waragi Pineapple delivered to the Gishu land some of Uganda’s best comedians; MC Kapale, Dolibondo, Snake and Zolo, Agnes Akite, Optional Allan, Afande Kelekele and the hottest artiste on Uganda’s Music Scene today, Fefe Busi.

But like a thief in the night, the evening weather was threatening to turn the comedy night into one wet affair. While the gods of Mt Elgon managed to wade off the rain, the cold wind was relentless. Revellers trickled into Thatch Gardens one at a time. By 11pm, the show had gathered momentum.

As they walked in, a shot of Uganda Waragi Pineapple at the entrance was the perfect pick me up to warm up the evening and enjoy the night entertainment. The Uganda Waragi Pineapple team then flooded the ground with some great cocktail mixes to lighten up the mood and prepare the revellers for the rib cracking jokes from the trio who entertained the crowd well into the wee hours of the morning.

The Uganda Waragi Pineapple Sunset Lounge was the attraction of the night, an opportunity for the Gishu to enjoy a relaxing experience as they nodded to Fefe Busi’s Business, Who is Who among other hits. By 3pm, the night was only starting.

Local artists used the opportunity to launch their latest hits – or misses – to the people of Mbale. By the time the show ended, the conversation had changed from the judges ruling to the new Waragi on the market.


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