UDB’s Patricia Ojangole Wins Prestigious Global Leadership Award

UDB’s Patricia Ojangole Wins Prestigious Global Leadership Award

Ojangole receives the Award for the third time in a row

Kampala: Uganda Development Bank’s Managing Director, Patricia Ojangole has for the third year running won the Sustainability Leader of the Year Award at the prestigious Annual Karlsruhe Sustainable Finance Awards.

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The recognition is given to individuals or institutions that demonstrate commitment to creating value for all their stakeholders and protecting the environment.

UDB Managing Director, Patricia Ojangole (C), holding the accolade she won for the Sustainability Leader of the Year 2023 at the prestigious Annual Karlsruhe Sustainable Finance Awards in Germany together with UDB Chief Internal Auditor, Stephen Hamya (L), and UDB Company Secretary, Nakandi Sophie (R)

“The Uganda Development Bank Limited has positioned itself as one of the key drivers of sustainable development and on behalf of its government, it is responsible for financing sustainable industrialization of the country among others. It is at the forefront of implementing the rigorous sustainability standards that are based on the principle of making profits while working within the planetary boundaries, serving society, and helping to create and endure a sustainable economy that is environmentally and climate-friendly,” said Arshad Rab, the Chairman of the International Council of Sustainability Standards and Certification Initiative and CEO of European Organisation for Sustainable Development, during the Award ceremony that was held in Germany last Friday.

“The commitment of UDB to embrace holistic sustainability is unwavering and its leadership has undertaken practical actions to tackle unintended greenwashing which poses a great threat not only to the institution but also to the country and the world at large.”
Ojangole was recognized for her efforts in making UDB sustainable, and her exemplary role internationally in contributing to the field of sustainable finance.

UDB Managing Director, Patricia Ojangole, holding the accolade she won for the Sustainability Leader of the Year 2023 at the prestigious Annual Karlsruhe Sustainable Finance Awards in Germany. She has been named the winner for the third time running

Commenting on the achievement, Ojangole, said, “This is a testament and a stamp of excellence in the Bank’s commitment towards sustainable banking and finance. Winning the Sustainability Leader of the Year, at the Karlsruhe 2023 Sustainable Finance Awards demonstrates the Bank’s intentional effort to prioritize and mainstream holistic sustainability in our practices, promoting this approach and inspiring all other stakeholders to raise awareness of sustainable development.”

Ojangole also leads the international I-LEAD Group of the Sustainability Standards for Value-Driven Financial Institutions whose aim is to support full and seamless implementation of the sustainability standards. It is one of the key components for SSCI for instilling and advancing the innovation and learning capacity, capability, and competency of the sustainability-certified institutions.

“Attaining sustainability is only possible with a collective drive. I would like to thank the government of Uganda for the unwavering support that has been extended to the Bank, among other stakeholders we have partnered with, because the support rendered has enabled us to register countless milestones as we continue to participate in activities that transform the lives of our people. For God and My Country,” Ojangole concluded.

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