Janzi Band Lights Up Tuzanye Ne Binance Beach Party

Janzi Band Lights Up Tuzanye Ne Binance Beach Party

Over the weekend, Kampala’s social calendar was not such a busy one. So, there were not many excuses for not heading over to Entebbe, at Coco Beach, for the Tuzanye Ne Binance beach do, especially if you are a regular party stormer.

With the blistering sunshine that gave almost the whole day, the beach was, indeed, your ideal destination. And because it was a beach fiesta, many got the dress code right, save for a few random fellows who would take any given opportunity to stand out by dressing anyhow.

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The party, part of the Binance world tour, organized by an international cryptocurrency company, and Talent Africa Group, kicked off in the middle of the day, with stunning revelers flocking in at leisure. As many guzzled down litres of alcohol, others basked in the sun by the beach, with Lake Victoria waters in the foreground.

For the ladies who fancy a good body show-off, Coco beach proved to be the perfect stage for this gig. And for the gentlemen who can only afford a deep gaze, you sure would not get disappointed.

The games were also a highlight of the day, as MCs Shiela Salta and MC Isaac kept the stage and crowd energized. The production of the show was above average, with clear sound and good lighting.

Later in the evening, Janzi Band took to the stage, led by band leader Ssewa Ssewa on the kongas, Lawrence Matovu on the Base guitar, Isaac Nkubehinda on the electric guitar, and Israel Nkubehinda on the drums among others.

The band performed about three different sets fusing live and semi-live performances. Their execution was not just about their mastery of the various instruments, but also about how they understood the audience to the letter. Each song was performed at the right time, with intention and distinction.

When they performed Electronic Dance Music (EDM) during their last set, they joined the crowd on the dance floor, and this got many excited to the brim. You can say, the band did the gig justice.

After Janzi, a line-up of DJs hit the stage to continue with those who still had the energy to dance, which was pretty much everyone. Trust partiers from the Pearl to dance till dawn.

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