UCC directs telecom companies to switch off unregistered SIM Cards

UCC directs telecom companies to switch off unregistered SIM Cards

Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has directed all telecom companies to switch off unregistered sim cards by the end of March 29th (Which was yesterday). As you read this, all unregistered sim cards have been switched off.

“We direct that all non and partially registered SIM Cards be deactivated by 29th this month. Only identification cards for registration will be national IDs and passports we decided to use passports and national IDs because other documents were being abused and duplicated by many people. A meeting with stakeholders will take place to discuss this and also get methodology in deactivation of Sim Cards. For the sake of the security, we have to reduce on the number of sim cards one must have, no one with more than 10 sim cards in their names will be accepted.

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The driving permits don’t capture detailed information of individuals like the national IDs and passports. People who used work IDs and other documents to register won’t be disconnected but will be given a grace period. Many criminals have been arrested due to information from Sim Cards, we should register all Sim Cards to eliminate the threat.

Companies that don’t heed will be fined 10% of their gross income and if they persist we can revoke their licences” Executive Director Eng. Godfrey Mutabazi.

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