UNRA kicks off Kampala-Jinja Expressway verification exercise

UNRA kicks off Kampala-Jinja Expressway verification exercise

The disclosure and verification of the Project Affected Persons (PAPs) on the Kampala Jinja Expressway particularly the Kampala Southern Bypass commenced on 20th March 2017. This process started at chainage (km 11+150- 13+750km).

Juliet Oyella, the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) Senior Land Valuer said the exercise is meant for the affected persons and beneficiaries to know how much they are to receive out of their affected properties. She said this at the start of the verification exercise at St. Dennis Sebugwawo Catholic Church.

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“This is done for transparency and to ensure the person is the right owner of the property,” Oyella said.

She said they are engaging Local Chairpersons to help in the verification process since they know the people in their areas.

Oyella said the exercise that will go for fifteen days within the villages of Kigundu, Kalule, Lower Konge, Upper Konge, Lukuli Zone 5, Nakinyuguzi and Kigaga is expected cover 327 PAPs. “Some affected persons have different names on different documents,” said Oyella.

The valuation team is encouraging those with different names like the women who acquired a property before getting married to get a declaration form or an affidavit.

The Kampala-Jinja mainline Expressway (77km) and Kampala Southern Bypass (18km) will collectively form the Kampala Jinja Expressway (KJE) Public Private Partnership (PPP). The Project will be critical in connecting Uganda to the port of Mombasa on the Kenya coast and to the neighboring countries such as Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan.

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