Twamuhabwa Kadiidi wants to restore Kajara County‘s pride if elected in 2026

The year 2026 is not far away and those interested in joining parliament and other political positions have already started showing interests.

Kajara County favorite candidate in 2026 is Mr. Twamuhabwa Wilson Kadiidi who has vowed to represent Kajara County, Ntungamo District in 12th Parliament.

Wilson Kadiidi

Mr. Wilson said if he is elected as Kajara County MP come 2026, he will lobby for government projects like extending electricity, water, improving health facilities, schools which are somehow lacking in the area.

He has also promised to lobby for Government projects which will improve household incomes for women and youths.

He has previously been involved in extending electricity to people of Kajara.
In his career, he has helped many youths from Kajara acquire jobs in different companies in the country.

Kajara which was a model county has been on the decline in each and every aspect of development and Kajarians have begged Mr Wilson to come to their rescue.

After the current MP, Hon. Timuzigu Michael announced that he will not re-election, Wilson is seen as favorite and an the ideal person to restore the glory of Kajara County.

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