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Tours and Travel:  Tilenga Safari Lodge, the new kids on the block

Tilenga Safari Lodge,  the new kid on the block is located at Murchison Falls National Park near Tangi Gate.
When they started, Tilenga Safari Lodge’s dream was to be among the best five lodges around Murchison Falls National Park and among the best 10 lodges in Uganda and they are on course to achieving it.
Their rooms are cool, spacious and spotlessly clean. You enjoy their 5 star experience at 3 star prices.
At Tilenga, food is an experience, they do not leave anything to chance. Their highly experienced chefs go an extra mile to give their clients the best.
Easter is around the corner and Tilenga is here to give you that memorable time, when he is risen.
Come and enjoy their 5 star services at three star post covid lock down rates.
Call 0789 390350 and 0774603220 or 0702693466 for reservations.

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