Photos: Uganda Waragi sums up women’s day with enjoyments

Photos: Uganda Waragi sums up women’s day with enjoyments

Uganda Waragi joined the entire world to celebrate women’s day on March 8th with a special women’s affair edition at the Meat guy that registered full house attendance.

Unlike the usual, Uganda Waragi took a party direction in an evening full of enjoyments made possible by the only female DJ lineup that day.

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Free Uganda Waragi cocktails ushered every woman into the party featuring massive mixes from DJs MaryJo, Xzyl, Nelly, Amor, and DJ Rwaxxy who got everyone in the crowd dancing and cheering.

Known for its savory meat, the meat guy didn’t disappoint as they offered a variety of meat to the crowd.

The evening also meant to recognize the contribution of female DJs in a male dominated industry and altogether to celebrate women in the entire country and world under the theme, “Break the bias”.

Speaking to the event, Hillary Baguma UBL’s Brand Manager for Mainstream Spirits, said, “Uganda Waragi is the spirit that binds us, and a brand that consistently celebrates all that makes us proud to be Ugandan. On this day, when we honour the women of Uganda, we are proud to provide a platform through which the exceptional women in the creative and entertainment industries can do what they do best.”

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