TOP TV Employees Demonstrate Due To Lack Of Payment For Three Months From Pastor Senyonga

TOP TV Employees Demonstrate Due To Lack Of Payment For Three Months From Pastor Senyonga

Pastor Senyonga has been accused of not paying his workers for a long time. The lead pastor of Christian life Church owns a media house that consists of a TV station and several radio stations.

Apparently, the pastor started by chopping all employees’ salaries to half during the early days of of the COVID-19 lockdown. Shortly after that, there was the rebranding of the TV station, TOP TV which made his workers think they are going to revert to their former salaries.

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Unfortunately, sources say that employees have not received their salaries for so many months now. Worse still is that there is no communication about this at all from the Pastor, which has brought about uncertainty among the employees.

Some workers have decided to look for other placements elsewhere. Apparently, even the working conditions at the stations are not the best according to some employees.

However, it should be noted that although most media houses chopped their employees’ salaries during the COVID-19 lockdown. Some just laid-off workers and kept those who were very essential.

TAs a result of the pandemic the media industry is still struggling, especially when it comes to paying workers’ salaries because most of them are not actually paid what they deserve. It is only Next Media that came out to say their employees are not going to be laid off and their salaries will not be chopped.

Meanwhile, Pastor Senyonga is preparing for his son’s wedding that is taking place tomorrow. They postponed this wedding from October to August for reasons not yet known.

One of the sources intimated to this website that the pastor recently bought for his son a brand new Subaru car which he has been seen cruising around the premises yet the workers have not received salary for three months.

However, the wedding reception is going to be held at Serena hotel where just a few people will go. The rest of the people will follow the proceedings on TOP TV because the wedding will be broadcast live.

Efforts to talk to the two stations’ Managing Director Jackson Ssenyonga, who is also the senior pastor of Christian Life Church, were futile as he was reportedly out of the country.

We have also learnt that apart from the top managers at the radio and television who have running contracts with the company, majority of the staff have no contracts at all.

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