Tinah Fierce joins XFM Radio

Tinah Fierce joins XFM Radio

Former Urban TV presenter Tina Fierce has joined Vision group’s XFM Radio after several negotiations with her bosses. A source at XFM Radio has alerted us that Tina will officially come on air starting this week. Her show will run from 8pm to 10pm daily.

It is the same show that former gossip queen Mary Luswata used to present.

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A few months back, Tina was suspended from hosting her show titled ‘Scoop on Scoop’ over allegations of cyber bullying on Urban TV.

Vision Group CEO Robert Kabushenga opened up on Tina Fierce’s fate a few days back.

He clarified that Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) and Uganda Media Council suspended her after a top tycoon lodged a complaint against her for brutally attacking his family.

On the future of Tina Fierce, Kabushenga admitted that it will be impossible for her to return on TV but they are having internal negotiations to have her start another career within the company besides TV. Kabushenga made the remarks during an interview over the weekend.

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