Things You Must Do Before 2017

Before the clock runs out on 2016, make sure you have a list of things to check against before 2017 comes knocking at your door. With barely 4 weeks to the end of this year, you need to do certain things to help you achieve ‘cool’ success. I call it ‘cool’ success because while you thought the year is done for you, there is a lot you can still achieve in this remaining short time. For instance:

  1. Get in shape and detox for the festive season. Start walking for 30 minutes every day and have a 4-minute rope jump for those “killer abs” during the festival season. This can get you in shape for those slim fitting Christmas clothes. Exercising will also keep you get in better shape for the festive season dance craze. Detoxing is necessary before the New Year since there is a lot of eating and merry making during Christmas. Talk to your doctor about the best detoxing method for you before you embark.
A participant registers for ReadytoWork Training
A participant registers for ReadytoWork Training
  1. Learn something new. Enroll for the Barclays free online Readytowork course before the year ends that you can complete in just 2 days and attain an additional certificate. You will get skilled in Money management, people relations, work ethics and entrepreneurship. You can also do the free Readytowork face-to-face training that is scheduled to take place at the HUB, Oasis Mall from 5th to 16th December 2016 at The Hub. Registration is free at Register.
  1. Read two books. There is a lot of information in books. Reading never runs out of fashion and it kind-of relaxes you off that smart gadget your fingers are addicted it, while refreshing your memory.
  1. Check yourself into a “fashion rehab.” Revamp your closet and how you look. People will judge you based on how you present yourself. There are clothes you should no longer wear. Give them away.
A snapshot of a Barclays ReadytoWork training in sessions
A snapshot of a Barclays ReadytoWork training in sessions
  1. Body check-up. If a Car is serviced after each kilometer, why don’t you go see a qualified medical practitioner for a full body medical checkup. You need to have a periodical checkup to know how you stand health wise so you plan better. Cancer is officially the leading headliner, you should check out for.
  1. Work on a budget. Financial times are getting hard. A budget helps you manage your finances better. Spend only on what must be spent on. Save and invest your money. Save some money in a way you are comfortable with. There are many ways you can save your money for future rainy days. Find out more at  Readytowork
  1. Personal Self-assessment. Evaluate yourself against the goals you had set for 2016. Celebrate yourself instead of waiting for others to do so. They say that You may be the reason you are not happy.
  1. Fall in love. Fall in love with someone unconditionally. Fall in love with your God and loved ones. Put your God above everything else by seeking Him, Fasting, praying and reading spiritual books.
A participant registers for ReadytoWork Training
A participant registers for ReadytoWork Training

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