The UK to host virtual UK-Uganda Green Growth Conference

The UK to host virtual UK-Uganda Green Growth Conference

The UK will host a virtual Green Growth Conference from 9-10 February 2022 aimed at building foundations that will lead to climate smart economic partnerships between Uganda and UK that creates jobs, opportunities, and enhances innovation.

This conference will present opportunities for increased collaboration between the UK and Uganda, with presentations and panel sessions that will include the UK private and public sector organisations interested in investing in Uganda’s green growth sectors.

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The conference will focus on the following themes, where the UK has been partnering with Uganda to develop the expertise and tangible solutions to support Uganda’s green growth.  This will include: agribusiness, clean energy, clean infrastructure, urban planning and climate finance. Each session will focus on building knowledge and showcasing innovative ways the UK is and can continue to partner with Uganda to reach our economic goals that will drive growth not just for today but resilient and adaptive to the climate challenges of tomorrow.

Speaking at the launch event Kate Airey, British High Commissioner to Uganda said ‘The UK are world leaders in innovation and climate smart growth and we are pleased to be partnering with Uganda. Our free, fair and honest trading relationship already supports smallholder farmers, SMEs and large export businesses grow sustainably.   This conference renews our commitment to Ugandan businesses helping them access the very latest expertise and investment needed to support cleaner, greener growth in Uganda.

The UK remains committed to expanding economic opportunities around the world and aims to minimise environmental gaps that could destabilise these opportunities. The Ministry of Water and Environment estimated climate change will cost Uganda about 3-5% of GDP or between $3.2 – 5.9 billion per year by 2050 if no action is taken. Green growth requires driving forward economic growth whilst ensuring that natural assets continue to provide the resources and environmental services on which our well-being relies.

The UK is building on a strong existing partnership.  We have already supported 750,000 people to cope with the effects of climate change; delivered 6% of Uganda’s national electricity supply (renewable) delivered through private investment.  We are investing in Lake Victoria Marine transport, Namanve Industrial park, solar agricultural water pumping systems and electric bodas to name a few things and we are looking for the next opportunity partnering both with the private sector and government.

Minister for Water and Environment Permanent Secretary Alfred Okidi added ‘The catalyst to investment and innovation is sustained growth which will result in new economic opportunities. We have a crucial role to play in ensuring economic opportunities restore, maintain and adapt to our environment rather harm it. So bringing together the private sector, government and experts to discuss the green economy is an opportunity to propel our greening efforts and drive Uganda’s growth’.

The virtual conference will be followed by physical round table discussions later in the year between UK and Uganda public and private sector players to promote their offer and align on synergies.

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