The Phaneroo Anniversary: History’s Building Block

Nothing epitomizes the spirit of greatness like the great Phaneroo fellowship under the astute and wise leadership of its Vision Bearer Apostle Grace Lubega. Bound for the grander pages of history from the onset, Phaneroo swept the city of Kampala by storm on 7th August 2014. One year down the road, it has blazed a trail of transformation, revolutionalisation and change in the lives of multitudes.Phaneroo fellowship Phaneroo fellowship

The fellowship is celebrating a year of this phenomenal existence starting from the 13th to 15th August 2015 at the Lugogo Hockey Grounds. The anniversary celebrations are action packed with a number of programs which include the Great Anniversary Service on Thursday 13th August starting at 5pm, a Worship Evening with legendary gospel Artist Kathy Troccoli renown for her 1995 hit single “Go Light Your World” on Friday 14th August, starting 5pm. This shall be crowned by a mega Healing Service on 15th August 2015 starting at 2pm.

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Phaneroo shall hit the streets on 13th and 14th August on a massive, fresh and unique street preaching campaign. This same heart for the lost and afflicted of this world shall be carried on to the 15th of August to Hospitals in Kampala with one mind; to demonstrate the healing power of God.

With its present membership of three thousand plus tasked to bring atleast three people in the ‘bring three campaign’, the celebrations are bound to attract a minimum of nine thousand men and women hungry and zealous for God.

Phaneroo and its members stand at the mountain top, looking across a great chasm of possibilities. They see not just a great harvest for the kingdom but a sublime opportunity to lay a critical building block of not just history but eternity.

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