The Inspiring Journey Of Joe Kigozi: Embracing Evolution At Next Media

The Inspiring Journey Of Joe Kigozi: Embracing Evolution At Next Media

During the launch event of NBS TV, the flagship brand of Next Media, Joe Kigozi, the Deputy Group CEO, captivated the audience with his motivational story of personal growth and adaptation within the company.
As we commemorate 15 years of continuous evolution and expansion, with 12 brands and counting, it is fitting to celebrate the remarkable journey of our flagship brand.

At Next Media, our people are the driving force behind our success in content creation, business development, and brand building. Our anniversary celebration pays tribute to those who have made significant contributions and continue to do so.

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“My own trajectory at NBS TV exemplifies the essence of constant change, which lies at the heart of our organization. I joined NBS as a presenter in 2008, then transitioned to a producer, followed by roles in HR and Chief Marketing Officer.” Joe Kigozi

“I subsequently served as the acting HR manager for a year before assuming my positions as Deputy Group CEO and General Manager of NBS Sport. This personal journey embodies our theme of “Always Evolving” for the better,” he noted.

Such evolution extends beyond individuals to the collective adaptability of NBS. We initiated the “31 Million Trees” campaign when the world needed environmental conservation. Our current corporate social responsibility campaign, Taasa Obutonde, reflects our commitment to addressing pressing issues.

As we celebrate 15 years, we will dedicate each month to discussing important topics, just as we have consistently done throughout our history.

In the spirit of our anniversary, we are proud to announce the allocation of 15 scholarships for journalism students. Further details regarding the application process will be communicated through our regular NBS TV programming.

One of our most significant events is the upcoming Ugandan Economic Forum, where we will discuss the state of the economy at 15. Through documentaries, exhibitions, and symposiums focused on media evolution, NBS will lead the conversation in this domain.

October holds something extraordinary in store for our NBS At 15 celebrations, including the highly anticipated NBS Housing Baraja project, which is set to be an exciting endeavor.

As we reflect on our inspiring 15-year journey, NBS TV remains committed to continuous growth, innovation, and positive impact in Uganda and beyond. We look forward to the next chapter of our evolution with unwavering determination and enthusiasm.

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