Infobip deepens partnerships to help Ugandan businesses achieve growth

Infobip deepens partnerships to help Ugandan businesses achieve growth

Kampala: Global cloud communications company Infobip has announced deepening collaboration with Ugandan businesses to help them meet their customers on their preferred channels and boost return on investment and revenues.

Infobip says it is leveraging its omni-channel capabilities to aid companies deploy tools and technologies to help them understand their customers more deeply through use of data and analytics designed to predict their behavior.

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“Customers increasingly want to communicate with businesses and brands on the channels they use every day and up to 75% of them would easily shift to a different product or service purely based on their customer experience. Businesses must therefore meet them at their points of preference to exhaustively mitigate attrition,” said Infobip Industry Lead for Retail E-commerce and Telcos in Africa James Gachie.

Mr Gachie noted social media has made it easy for people to give real-time feedback on service whether good or bad, and especially bad service.

“The digital revolution has given the customer the power to determine how they want to be treated, and companies no longer have the advantage of setting the terms of engagement, which now falls squarely on the customer,” he added.
According to Infobip which processes over 37 billion interactions monthly worldwide, key sectors in Uganda that are currently leading the customer experience race include Telecoms, Banking and Finance, e-commerce, Travel and Hospitality, Insurance, Transport and Logistics as well as Retail.

“We have been able to deploy several breakthrough innovations in these sectors that are democratizing interactions between businesses in these sectors and their customers. This includes the deployment of an AI-based WhatsApp chatbot solution powered by Infobip in key businesses that is helping on-board unique users and generate new leads through the popular channel,” said Gachie.

Infobip has recently launched a new blueprint to enable brands embed conversational experiences for customer communication for both retention and growth. The blueprint details how businesses can design end-to-end customer journeys through chat apps to boost customer loyalty and sales.

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