Taxify Statement on the Boda Protest in Kampala

Taxify Statement on the Boda Protest in Kampala

Today, a protest was held by some boda drivers in front of the Taxify Kampala office. These drivers had heavily breached the Terms and Conditions by attempting to manipulate the bonus system upon which resulted in losing access to their accounts. In light of this, we had a meeting with a select number of drivers and partners on the Taxify platform. We have listened to their concerns and agreed to provide a workable solution to address specific concerns affecting the business. 

Every time we have run price discount promotions, we have adjusted our commissions to favor the drivers. However, our system is extremely sensitive and will easily and quickly highlight drivers who try to game the system or conduct any fraudulent activity. Price discounts are meant to increase the number of rides a driver makes in a day resulting in an increase in overall earnings. Drivers spend more time working and less time parking at a stage waiting for passengers. We have continued to pay bonuses to drivers to cushion their earnings from the effects of the discounted prices. Drivers end up taking more money home.

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We have received feedback from drivers on numerous occasions and have continuously made decisions based on this feedback. Many Ugandans have been able to create employment opportunities for themselves and others through the Taxify platform. 

At Taxify we have always put drivers first. Taxify truly believes that happy drivers means a better quality service for riders. Therefore, Taxify is committed to treating its driver-partners with respect and has an open door policy and drivers can come to us anytime to discuss any grievances they may have. We are available to drivers through the various communication channels we have provided them. We continue to work on the overall driver experience and to provide the support they need to be successful in their businesses.

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