Tales Of Living In The Diaspora

So I get at the station heading for work; a bit gloomy but who isn’t at 8am. So the train arrives, enter and get seated. Pull out my novel and do what I do best. So the dude opposite where I was seated starts chatting with the guys next to him (all white).Lynn endured tough times during her journey

Lynn endured tough times during her journey

The topic was discriminatory (in my opinion) but oh well. Just kept flipping my novel pages. Then all over a sudden, one of the white dudes loudly says ‘people like her are the problem’ while pointing at me????. Of course I took notice of what was happening but I refused to engage. He continues ‘if blacks could leave this country then maybe England would stand a chance’. I was dumbfounded! but I still refused to engage with stupid.

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At this point, the guys seated next to me (white too) had picked up on everything. So one of them asks the ‘I hate blacks’ guy why he was trying to provoke a situation. You’ll never believe what his response was SMH. I quote ‘I am saying what you are all thinking, blacks have done more harm than good so go on and sue me for saying it out loud’ ????. To my utter shock, this was a well dressed, well groomed respectable guy saying all this rubbish (not so respectable after he opened his mouth). I mean I wasn’t moving around claiming to be white…duh!

Lynn Liliane owns Lynnz world of fashions

Lynn Liliane owns Lynnz world of fashion

Everyone in the cabin was pretty much engaged to the point of people imploring him to stop but Napoleon was having none of it. He was spitting venom. When he said ‘blacks are only good for hovering and cleaning tyres’ I knew I had to graciously look for the nearest exit. But hang on a minute, which tyres was he referring to? Car tyres, lorry, bike? I thought. I mean I can’t even ride a bike let alone clean tyres??? Does that mean I have failed the black race?….Lynn works and stays in the United Kingdom

Lynn works and stays in the United Kingdom

Anyhow, no sooner had I got up to leave than someone grabbed my hand. Omg this dude is becoming violent, I thought to myself. Imagine my relief discovering it was a police officer who had grabbed me when I turned. Wheww thank you Jesus, I mumbled beneath my breath. He was in the cabin all along but hadn’t taken notice of him since the train was full to capacity it being rush hour. Anyways, he asked if I wanted to press charges against Hitler before asking him to apologise but in all honesty, I was so over it. Not every situation deserves a reaction. Thank God the train had finally arrived at Liverpool station.

It is really sad knowing that in this era people still have such barbaric beliefs. I mean you can be racist, that’s your prerogative, but it becomes disgusting displaying it in public. I believe the onus is on everyone to be respectful regardless.

Liliane Lynn; The writer is a fashion guru and lives in Birmingham, United Kingdom. She owns Lynnz World of Fashion.

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