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Sweden based star Jay Silver wows women with amazing fashion sense

His music is fast becoming a major hit in the music industry and his fashion style has quickly become a big attraction for the ladies.

Ever since he hit the music industry, singer Jay Silver has always had the X factor with him.

And it’s no wonder women in Sweden are dying to have a piece of him.
Feemale fans always fall for his good looks and his sense of fashion and style. This came up after he beat other fashion sensitive people all over the world to win the lucrative People’s Choice African Crown International award in Sweden.

The musician, born in 1996, has since grown into a household name in Sweden. The star- real name Joel Muhindo- has steadily been growing in the R&B and Afro-beat music stakes. His songs such as; Cheri, Ntwaala, Shake Body, Whine 4 Me have received quite some airplay and he hopes to build on this foundation to build his music to the next level.

As a young boy, Jay Silver loved playing the drums and the guitar. He says that it helped shape up his music career.

Jay Silver has been in Sweden since 2014. He plans to host a listener’s party in Kampala later this year.

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