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Sugar daddy gifts sexy Brenda with a sports bike

Denmark based Ugandan scribe Eunice Brenda  is all smiles after her sugar daddy gifted her a sports bike, we can confirm. 
Excited Brenda didn’t hesitate to post the bike on her social media platforms to show it off.
On her snapchat account, she’s been showing off different sport cars riding with unidentified Danish man. Probably this is the same man gifting her cars every year.
Brenda Eunice is Uganda journalist practicing her journalism in Denmark. Yesterday her long time sugar daddy gifted her with a sport bike.
Brenda who loves showbiz has been off the social scene probably due to brokenness and now she is back with a bang. She is everywhere showing off with a sports bike rumored to have been given to her by her long time sugar daddy.
Sources say the bike cost the sugar daddy hundreds of Danish Kroners..

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