Success achieved by collaboration in clearing the floating island at the Nalubale Power Station

The joint team of experts from line Ministries including the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries has achieved success in clearing the floating island at the Nalubale Power Station.

The same collaboration is being used to handle other floating islands moving on Lake Victoria.

Hon. Vincent Bamulangaki Sempijja the Minister for Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries has further reassured the public to keep calm as operations to clear the islands are undertaken.

The floating islands are being handled through multi-sectoral collaboration to which the Ministry of Agriculture, is providing the equipment for clearing the islands. This includes:

Three Long arm excavators, Two Barges, One Ferry, One Hydraulic crane, Three self-loading trucks, Four Dump trucks (20ton) and One Bulldozer for clearing the staging area.

The Ministry is working closely with the Ministry of Works and Transport and the Ministry of Water and Environment as well the Ministry of Energy.

A video of some of the floating chunks is available here :

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